Progressive Strength & Conditioning


Performance Training


Become a lean, mean, strong lifting machine through our progressive strength and conditioning classes that focus on the 3 compound lifts that reflect absolute strength. You’ll learn how to work with a barbell and help build muscles in places you never even knew you had!


Ever wondered if you had what it takes to train like your favorite football or baseball player? Our performance training class will run you through conditioning drills and movements designed to make an athlete faster, reactive and more efficient on the field. It’s a perfect combination or high intensity, cardio and mental coordination to test your athletic prowess.


Follow a strength based program that focuses on the big three lifts: the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Designed to hep improve your technical proficiency as well as your overall strength to achieve maximal weight in your lifts.



Be stronger than your excuses


Weight Loss & Toning

The combination of our high intensity classes, nutrition and fitness knowledge from our coaches will give you the tools you ned to reach your aesthetic, performance or health related goals. If you weight loss and toning is your primary goal, our classes will offer you the perfect balance of fat burning, cardio vascular movements and resistance training to simultaneously build muscle. Take your toning to the next level with our Performance Training classes, where you’ll hit bigger weights to shape your lean, mean muscles.


Strength & Muscle Gain

Pure strength comes with a combination of technical prowess and testing your maximal loads when lifting. Look no further than our Performance Training class which takes the most critical movements from lifting sports and combines them with a density circuit full of supplementary exercises to build all the right muscles groups. If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level check out our Barbell Club to try a more technically finesse handle in strength training.

Health & Longevity/ Look Good, Feel Good

Fitness goes beyond being able to perform on the field or being bikini body ready. Perhaps the most important element is ensuring your health and longevity as you age and as many other stressors in your life accumulate with time. Whether you’re looking to break a sweat in our class or take your training to the next level in Performance Training or even try something new like Olympic Lifting or Powerlifting - our coaches will be by your side to make sure you’re satisfied with the way you look and what you can do.

55 & Over Fitness

Whether you’re an older athlete, looking to get back into working out, or know that it’s better late than never - you can have confidence in working with us. Our coaches are experienced in slowly introducing any one of any fitness level to an exercise regimen and whenever you feel uncomfortable or unsure, we’ll be sure to modify to make sure you can do the workout and still get the benefits. There are no limitations when you’re working out in a fun and safe environment.

Athletic Performance Training

A combination of mental and physical strength is required in order for an athlete to take their ability to the next level. Our sports performance coaches have the knowledge and know-how to create the optimal athlete and make sure you’re reaching your potential and then going beyond.

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